Come get your exercise with me and the GFW Crew!

It’s G-Force Workout in the great outdoors at Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs!

Staying healthy and fit is more important than ever. And during the pandemic, with shelter in place requirements and gyms closed, it’s been challenging for all of us to get our workouts in.  Most of us are aware of how important regular exercise is to not only our physical well being…but also to our mental and emotional well being.  Numerous studies show the immense benefits which both aerobic and weight resistance exercise can have when considering your total health picture.  That’s why over ten years ago, I created my G-Force Workout with everyone in mind.  And now I’m bringing it to you outdoors so you can stay healthy and fit and happy!  

Here’s how it works…

Drive, walk, run or bike yourself to beautiful Ruth Hardy Park in Central Palm Springs. We are there Monday through Friday. We start each class at 7:30AM, so you’ll want to arrive a few minutes early to find your best spot and get ready to do the deal!  We meet on the Tamarisk side parking area and set up on either the basketball court or the adjacent lawns.  Bring your mat and/or a towel. Bring your water and your mask.  Bring your light hand weights or resistance bands….or simply use your own body weight for our resistance exercises.  It’s all good. And, of course…bring your great energy!  I’ll bring the beats, the fun and one of the best workouts you’ll ever have.  It’s free! It’s fun! And it’s just what you need right now. I promise!

G-Force Workout was created for every fitness level and every age…for everybody!  It’s a 45 minute fitness romp all set to some amazing nonstop music mixes by today’s hottest DJ’s.  We’ll spend a few minutes stretching. Then we warm up. And then we get after it!  Along with all the other most excellent GFW Crew…you’ll perform a wide variety of weight resistance and cardio moves that are sure to pump you up!  We are all physically distanced for safety…but you’ll experience the togetherness of a really great group of folks you’ll want to know and keep as your friends. We’ll hit every body part and every muscle you have.  We’ll get that big beautiful heart pounding. And you will sweat, baby!  Don’t worry though.  You can work at your own pace and you can modify any exercise or movement to make it work for you. We also make sure to take timed breaks for you to refresh yourself throughout the workout.  And then we get back to Palm Springs most bodacious, provocative and sought after workout…it’s G-Force Workout!  Come be a part of the best Crew on the planet…the GFW Crew!

Until then…

Stay Healthy!  Stay Happy!  Stay Fit!

I’ll see you on the radio and at the gym…T ❤️

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