Holiday Food & You!

The holidays are here…yea! 

I love the foods that come with them.  I love the cooking, the aromas, the tastes of all the dishes associated with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Although gatherings should be smaller and safe this year, we can still enjoy a meal together to celebrate.  There’s something else that also comes with the holidays.  And that is?

Overeating and unwanted weight gain. Ugh. Many of us tend to eat more than we normally would through the holidays.  And as much as we may have good intentions…Mom’s iced star cookies and a plethora of other delicious and fattening foods tempt us to overeat. Although the average American gains only two pounds during the season…many of us gain more.  It’s so easy to do, right?  And really, I want you to eat what you like.  But I’d also remind you to eat less of it if you’d like to end the holidays weighing the same as you started.  Here’s how to do just that!

It’s simply portion control that will help you enjoy the foods you like and not gain that dreaded few pounds to start the New Year with. As I tell my clients…how and what they choose to eat is 80% of attaining their fitness goals.  You’ve got to eat right.  And then train properly to make the most of what you eat. I also tell them that the holidays are a time to relax and celebrate and enjoy all the different and favorite foods. And with a little bit of effort and thought…portion control can help keep you on track towards your goals.  

Portion control is really very simple.  Have the turkey. Have the stuffing.  Have the yams.  And have the pie, for sure!  But here’s the deal.  Don’t go back for seconds. Or thirds.  Eat until you are satisfied.  Not overly full.  Grab a smaller plate. Eat a smaller piece of pie. Drink one glass of wine. Enjoy one piece of that awesome fudge your Aunt brought. Fill half your plate with vegetables. Drink plenty of water. And savor every bite, every moment with your family and friends. It’s not that you need to deprive yourself of the foods you love. You just have to be thoughtful about them. And be good to yourself by not overeating and gaining that extra weight.

Use portion control…and you’ll feel good about your holidays.  

And yourself. I promise!

Stay Happy!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Fit!

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