Resolutions For Health, Fitness & Happiness

Simple New Years Resolutions For Health, Fitness & Happiness In 2021!

The new year is an excellent opportunity for all of us to build or renew a commitment to become more fit, to be healthier and to create a happier life — No matter where we are today. Some people resolve to make the new year ahead better than ever, with absolute ferocity and commitment. Other people just aren’t big on making New Year’s Resolutions, at all. If you’re the latter, let me give you inspiration and resolve with these 3 simple thoughts:

1. Health :  Commit to be healthier, to know your unique physical self and what works best for you in maintaining a healthy state of being.  Choose to be proactive with your healthcare provider, fully engaged in the process…and trust that with even just a little more knowledge and investigation of what makes you tick, inside and out, you will make better choices to stay healthy on your life adventure forward.  Think ‘Got that colonoscopy you’ve put off for 5 years?  That mammogram you have delayed but you know it is way past time?  That prostate exam that you have avoided for who knows what reason?  Do not let the fear of what might be stop you from leading a healthier life!  As the saying goes….knowledge really is King!  AND Queen!

2. Fitness :  Invest in yourself through regular exercise and feeding yourself properly.  Do something 5 times a week, from taking a brisk walk or run that gets your heart rate up…to hitting the weights or taking a class like….G-Force Workout…for example!  Start reading labels and become aware of what you are actually putting into your body.  It’s not rocket science.  Trust me…then trust yourself to make better choices in your nutritional pattern and to move more through exercise.  You will only win and the payoff is incredible!

3. Happiness : Choose happiness!  I know that sounds simple…and that’s because it is.  But it’s not always easy if you stand in the way of your happiness.  So…get out of your own way!  Don’t sweat the small stuff and make it larger than life itself.  Practice happiness in every moment you can by deciding and knowing what is important in your life.  Give your attention to that and create your happiness every single day.  Or not!  It’s your choice.  And getting to the gym is just one way to pump out some of those ‘feel absolutely amazing’ endorphins that are just waiting to make you feel good.  Start your day off singing in the shower….”Don’t worry…Be happy!”.

Need a kick-start to get your year on-track? The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has, for over a quarter-century, helped millions change their lives and set their well-being on a better trajectory. Highly recommended for your life both in, and out, of the gym. Pay special attention to the first two sentences in the first chapter.  Steven Covey knows…

My best to all of you in the year ahead!  I’ll see YOU at the gym…  Ted

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