Want Fit? Get Involved!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”


If you were to stand behind a weight rack and tell me how to perform a squat…chances are that I would forget it within a short time.  Really?  What gives?  After all, I am personal fitness trainer, for crying out loud!  I should at least remember that…shouldn’t I?

Now, take me over to that same rack…tell me how to perform that same squat, then show me how… and then have me perform the squat in front of you while repeating the same instructions?  Well now you’re talking a different story!  The chances are that this time around at the old squat rack I love to hate…I will remember what I was told and shown.  A squat!Personal Training Photo 10

That’s all wonderful!  Squats performed with correct form and function are an amazing exercise that incorporates your entire lower body….and then some! And they are a vital part of the body building  plethora of exercises to choose from.  We must SQUAT!  But as with any exercise or new habit or something we have yet to learn… have we really learned how to do a squat?  Nope!  We have not learned to do a squat.  But how can that be, Ted?  You just said we did!  Calm down  fellow squatters….for their remains the lesson of the squat today. And that is this!CLASS-13

True learning…really nailing it down in your head and in your body…is in the actions which follow the lesson.  Your own practical working experience is where you and we and all of us really learn…we really know our stuff.  And that means getting involved in your pursuit of the best body and most excellent health you can achieve.  Learn how to get fit…by getting involved, by getting in and doing that squat or G-Force Curl Jacks or Big Dawg Curls!  And I’m talking regularly, too.  If you don’t…you will eventually forget and your body is not going to be happy with you about it either!  So, come with me and get fit by getting involved in your happiest, most passionate, healthiest,  most beautiful and robust life right now.  Thank you so much for being here with me at TedGuice.com.  Wishing you all the best…and I’ll see You at the gym!


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