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I’m Ted Guice and I’ve been a Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor for over thirty years.  I’d like to share the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained over the years with you here in the pages of TedGuice.com. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with hundreds of clients from every walk of life. Young. Older. Athletes. Bodybuilders and beginning exercise enthusiasts.  Men and women. In all states of health and from all socio-economic backgrounds.  I’ve worked with folks who knew exactly what they wanted for themselves the moment we first sat down to speak.  And with those who really had no idea of their long range goals…only that they knew they wanted to lead a healthier, more fit and happy life.  My experience includes working with physical challenges, health issues of all variety, body image and self esteem issues, weight gain and loss, muscle building and maintenance, fat loss and sustainable, healthy weight maintenance.  I’ve worked with clients as young as twenty and as old as ninety five.  I am personally and professionally grateful for every client I have ever worked with.  They have given me a vast and important education of the human body, mind and spirit…for which I am forever grateful.

My hope is that you will use TedGuice.com as your own personal source for everything Health and Fitness!  In the coming weeks and months ahead, you’ll find pertinent, useful and dynamic information about living your best, most robust life at every age. Together, we’ll explore everything you want to know about…

  • Proper nutrition
  • Aerobic conditioning 
  • Weight resistance training
  • Body weight resistance training
  • Dieting
  • Proper form as to a specific training move or discipline 
  • Supplements 
  • Hormones, both female and male
  • Age related exercise
  • Alternative exercise disciplines
  • Healthy weight attainment and maintenance 
  • Age related health issues
  • Medical and scientific advances
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Self esteem
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Optimum health and longevity
  • Sexual health
  • Senior health and fitness
  • LGBTQ Community specific health and fitness
  • Healthy kids…and the parents who love them!

Inside the pages of TedGuice.com, you’ll also find a plethora of tools to help you attain your best life.  Things like video blogs, instructional videos, helpful interviews from my radio and live video shows, reprints of useful information from reliable, credible sources.  You’ll find updates on appearances, talks and classes I’m giving, as well as a list of resources I recommend to keep you in the know and going strong!

My best desire is that you will use TedGuice.com to better your life.  To inspire and motivate you to eat right and exercise often.  To propel you into a longer, more satisfying and meaningful life.  To help you separate the facts from the fiction, to learn the truth about what does and what doesn’t work. My goal is to become the source you come to when you need clear and factual information about your health and fitness.  You can depend on me for the straight answers to any of your questions.  And you can ask me or tell me anything. Never any judgement. I really do have your best interests at heart always. I promise.

Thanks for being here with me at TedGuice.com. I look forward to interacting and connecting with you often. And I always encourage your questions and comments. Check back frequently for all the information you need to know to about your health and fitness…your big, beautiful, robust life.  Until then…

Stay Healthy!  Stay Happy!  Stay Fit!

I’ll see you here at TedGuice.com and at the gym!

My very best to you…Ted

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