Your First Priority Post Pandemic!

Did you pack on some Covid pounds? If so…you’re not alone!

So, let’s talk about what your first priority should be to lose that extra weight. Even before our exercise habits, we must look at our nutritional habits. As the saying goes…you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. It’s true! Your nutrition must take priority when your desire is to become fit and healthy. 80% of the efforts we make to reduce body fat, gain quality muscle mass and improve our health all center around what we are eating and how much of it.

Portion sizes in America are out of control…and the amount of highly processed foods we consume is at an all-time high. That’s the reason the United States is the country with the highest rates of obesity in the entire world! Here are my simple suggestions to help you start back on the right path towards optimum health and fitness! Thanks for watching. I hope you find this video useful. Please subscribe to TedGuiceFitness here on YouTube and visit me on the web at

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